Project Description

Lee Point Road – Housing Development

This development site is an 81 ha parcel that is located approximately 15km north of the Darwin CBD. The site was formerly used and owned by the Commonwealth Department of defence as a Defence compound Communication facility.

DHA plan to develop this land for residential housing and the site is diagonally opposite the last stages of the Muirhead Estate (also for Defence Housing).

Bennett + Bennett were required to provide the site detail survey and levels for the site. To do this, we combined an aerial survey team with a ground survey team which also included cable location along Lee Point Road.

The ground survey also tied the aerial survey down and provided the necessary control. Existing Lidar data was used in the escarpment and dense tree area of the site where ground survey was used to check lines to confirm the accuracy of the Lidar data


Client: Department of Defence Housing Australia

Year: 2017 – ongoing