Tindal RAAF / NACC

Tindal is undergoing a $500 million upgrade to prepare for the arrival of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The ‘New Air Combat Facilities Project’ is a complete construction project which will include upgrades to the on-base maintenance hangers and working facilities, taxiway, apron, major drainage and services, pavements, accommodation, fuel storage and carparking.

Bennett + Bennett are providing survey control for the site as well as maintaining the ‘as constructed’ database. The ‘as constructed’ database requires constant review and survey to remain up to date so that clash detection of services and structures are monitored and clashes are avoided.


  • Civil works for entire site
  • Construction works - new buildings
  • Services set-out
  • Machinery guidance control
  • As-constructed of all service buildings, pavements etc.
  • Data management & clash detection
  • Detail surveys

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