Foreshore Orthophoto

  • Foreshore_Orthophoto_1 (a)
  • Foreshore_Orthophoto_2 (a)
  • Foreshore_Orthophoto_3 (a)
  • Foreshore_Orthophoto_5 (a)
  • Foreshore_Orthophoto_4 (a)

High level detail extracted from our calibrated photographs to assist with the production of detailed drawings for engineers and designers.

Total Eden in conjunction with the Gold Coast City Council are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the irrigation systems throughout the parklands of the Gold Coast.

Bennett + Bennett’s photogrammetry division (Datapix B+B) was engaged to provide survey accurate aerial imagery to underlay with traditional ground topographic survey (each image pixel has a real world positional accuracy of 0.15m). This helps to clarify the nature and location of the features running throughout the parks. High levels of detail can be extracted from the rectified photography.


Photogrammetry (Datapix B+B)