QLD / NT Border Survey

  • QLD-NT Border 2 (a)
  • QLD-NT Border 1 (a)
  • QLD-NT Boarder Survey3
  • QLD-NT Boarder Survey2
  • QLD-NT Boarder Survey1

Bennett + Bennett confirmed suspicions that Queensland has claimed Northern Territory land.

As part of Q150 celebrations, a team of 7 surveyors retraced a key section of the Queensland / Northern Territory border originally set out by Augustus Poeppel in 1884. The team spent 10 days surveying the border, most of which was completed on foot, and in sweltering conditions.

They covered a section of the border between the 199 Mile post and 254 Mile post. Using a R8 global positioning system with accuracy within 10mm it became apparent that Poeppels original set out of the border was incorrect. This was due to the use of an out of calibration survey instrument. This deviation was then accepted in 1982 as the correct border.

Bennett + Bennett lodged an identification survey plan (IS 229457) with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM). The plan was drafted and presented in original period style.


• Boundary identification survey

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